(The article below is reproduced at hegel.net with the kind permission of its author, Stephen Cowley. It first appeared on his blog ‘Hegelian News & Reviews’)

Here is a table of content to Stephen Cowley’s Hegel Biography, which is based largely on Karl Rosenkranz's Hegels Leben (1844) in the French edition by Pierre Osmo. It includes links to the individual chapters. Whilst we cannot compete with the books of Walter Kaufmann, Horst Althaus, Jacques D'Hondt or Terry Pinkard, we can claim an exposition refounded on the earliest source, Karl Rosenkranz. Hegel scholarship has corrected Rosenkranz on the dating and authorship of several early manuscripts and built on his indications of Hegel's role in society, but perhaps diverged for many years from the facts he set out, particularly on the politics of the Restoration period in Berlin.

Part One Early Life (1770-1800)

1. Karl Rosenkranz as a biographer and Hegel's early Life and Education
2. Hegel in Berne and Frankfurt

Part Two Jena, Bamberg, Nuremberg and Heidelberg (1801-18)

  1. The Early Logic, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Nature
  2. Early Views of Religion
  3. Hegel in Jena I: The Difference Essay and Critical Journal Articles
  4. Hegel in Jena II: System, Notebooks and Students
  5. Hegel in Bamberg
  6. Hegel In Nuremberg
  7. Brief Notes on the Science of Logic
  8. First Edition of the Encyclopaedia
  9. Hegel in Heidelberg

Part Three Hegel in Berlin (1818-31)

  1. Berlin (Part One)
  2. The Philosophy of Right and Demagoguery
  3. Goethe and Schopenhauer on Colour
  4. Schleiermacher and the Polemic against the Theology of Feeling
  5. Hegel's Interest in Art
  6. Berlin (Part Two)
  7. Victor Cousin and Hegel
  8. The Philosophy of History and the East
  9. The Hegelian School and its Proselytism
  10. Late Critical Essays
  11. Later Editions of the Encyclopaedia
  12. Late Political Thought
  13. Berlin (Part Three) and Conclusion

In the above, I have generally created my own chapter headings, but followed the order of Rosenkranz as regards content.