Hegel's system does not go beyond the solar system.

Superordinate figurations of stars to galaxies were known to him, but are not yet systematically taken into account.

Hegel: "Now there is not much to say about the necessity of these figurations. Herschel has seen forms in nebulae, that indicate regularity. The spaces that are more distant from the Milky Way are emptier, it has been found (Herschel and Kant) that the stars form the figure of a lens. This is something quite indeterminate, general. The dignity of science need not be placed in it, that all manifold forms are understood, explained, but one must be content with what one can indeed understand up to now. There is much that is not yet to be comprehended, one must concede that in philosophy of nature.

In the meantime so much is known about star systems that Hegel's system must be extended by the galaxies. One approach we see like this: