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General Hegel Resources

International Hegel-Society (Internationale Hegel-Gesellschaft e.V.), Berlin
The Hegel Society of America (HSA).
The Hegel Society of Great Britain.
Hegel Archiv (German) at the University of Bochum
The Hegel Institute Berlin (German). They sell a CD with Hegel's major works in German (as PDF files). They also provide a very rich, searchable bibliography on Hegel.
Hegel by Hypertext Australian Marxists discussing Hegel in connection with Marx, Engels, Lenin and other marxist authors. They offer most of Hegel's famous works and lectures online, as well as famous marxist comments on them and also many other classical philosophic eTexts.
GWFHegel.org. Web site of former Hegel.Net contributor Mike Marchetti, mainly focused on the 'Phenomenology' and the 'Philosophy of Nature'.
NEW: diyalektik.org. Nice Website dedicated to Dialectic and Hegel, done by turkish Hegelians. The site currently is mainly in turkish but they provide some english links and plan for an english version in 2004 (temporary offline 2014-01-19)
Hegel als Strafrechtsphilosoph (German). Contains also Links and a Hegel Biography.

See also more links in: Hegel Studies in Germany

For Works of Hegel himself - online

see the new section e-Texts

Bibliographies - List of Works of/on Hegel

extensive Hegel Bibliography by Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex, England.
Hegel works and Hegel'Lectures in German at the Meiner Verlag, Hamburg. While the Hegel edition most widely used in Germany is the one from Suhrkamp (stw 601-621), the edition at the Meiner Verlag, based on the work of the Hegel Archiv Bochum, is the ultimate philological edition of Hegel's works in German.


'Hegel Studien' the leading Journal for philological Hegel Studies
The 'Owl of Minerva' (the official journal of the Hegel Society of America). There are no online texts, but there is an index of published articles.

Biographic and lexical

(Attention: Texts on Hegel's life are usually Okay. Texts telling about Hegel's teaching often tell more about the author of the text than about Hegel).
Hegel, G. W. F. (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Hegel Biography (Hegel by Hypertext)
Have a look at Hegel's birthplace in Stuttgart. It is a museum today (German).
Hegel und die Cholera (2 Letters from his wife, German)

Secondary literature on Hegel in the web

Long have I resisted to place such a category in this link list, as most texts on Hegel available online do not really reflect what I think is the essence of Hegel's thinking.

The following texts are from members of the Hegel.Net mailing lists.

This is no guarantee for the content to be according to Hegel however (if you want to be sure, read Hegel himself).

Annette Schlemm's new texts on Hegel (German).

On German Idealism

German Idealism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Shimonisse, Eiichi: History of the 19th century European Philosophy (Centre for Philosophy and Phenomenological Studies, with material on Fichte, Schelling and Hegel)

About Hegel's time

the website of the "Varnhagen Society"
on Hölderlin
on Napoleon
the website of the Preussischer Kulturbesitz
the one dedicated to Queen Louise of Prussia

On German

English-German-English: A Dictionary for English and German
Humorous Article by Mark Twain on The Awful German Language

More links can be found in Hegelianism in Germany

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