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 German Editions



Hegel CD-ROMs

  • There exists a collection of all important German Hegel texts of the famous "Suhrkamp edition" (includes all of Hegel's books printed at his lifetime as well as the common version of his famous lectures).
    The 1st edition was only in PDF form and even worse, the PDF-Form does not reflect the Suhrkamp books but is designed for reading the work on the computer screen (so the page numbers are not identical to the Suhrkamp editions).
    The new second edition is in MS CHM Format (a kind of compiled HTML). It contains the complete 20 volumes of the Suhrkamp edition and includes the page numbers of the Suhrkamp edition. It offers easy navigation, simple search and copying.

    The CD has been published at the Talpa-Verlag of the private Hegelinstitut Berlin and can be ordered Online over there for 49 EURO:

    Hegel, Georg W F: Werke. Phänomenologie des Geistes, Wissenschaft der Logik, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts, Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften, Vorlesungen u.a. Hrsg. v. Radtke, Frank /Hasselberg, Erwin.
    Version 2.0: ISBN 3-933689-05-8 (old version 1.0 of 11/1997 had ISBN 3-9805710-2-5. This old version 1.0 is still available for only 19 EURO but we strongly advise you not to buy that version, as it has not all texts, has no page numbers suitable for quotations, is not as searchable as the new version etc pp).

  • Direct-Media Publishing GmbH in Berlin also publishes CD-ROMs with German eTexts in the series "Digitale Bibliothek".

    While they use their own non-published file format, their CD-ROMs are famous for their excellent program which comes with the CD, which allows fast and advanced search in all the text, annotations and, among many other features, allows to copy up to 8 pages at a time from the text into the MS Windows clipboard (and you can repeat to copy other pages as often as you want). Fortunately, they offer the page numbering of the original works which they have digitized.

    Hegel-Texts are mainly available on their 2nd CD-ROM ('Philosophie von Platon bis Nietzsche', ISBN 3-89853-102-3), which contains a great many eTexts of philosophers in German. From Hegel you will find the works printed during Hegel's lifetime:   the 'Phenomenology', the 'Science of Logic', the 'Philosophy of Right,' and the 'System of Philosophy' (also known as the 'Encyclopedia'). The CD also contains eTexts of some fifty other writers, among them also the most important philosophers and writers that Hegel quotes (e.g., F. Schelling, J. Fichte, F. Schiller, I. Kant, G. Lessing, et al., and (which is probably less interesting for the English-language reader) Aristotle and Plato.

    Hegel's 'Lectures on the History of Philosophy' are on the 3rd CD-ROM ("Geschichte der Philosophie", ISBN 3-89853-103-1) from the same publishing house.

    Both CD-ROMs cost Euro 49.90 each.

    They also have several other CDs useful for Hegel studies.


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