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The auction catalogue of Hegel's library, produced after his death, contains more than 100 books on Mathematics and Science of Nature. His extensive knowledge of Mineralogy has often been praised. His knowledge of Botanics was so good, that he even hoped for a position as a director of the Botanic Garden in Jena when the University position became unsecure.

In 1804, Hegel became a member of two societies for Science of Nature. In the 'Jenaer Mineralogische Societät', he even became Assessor. Below are reproductions of his membeship certificates.

Membership certificate of the 'Jenaer Mineralogische Societät'
Staatsbibliothek preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
(reproduced from "Marbacher Magazin 56/1991: Von Stuttgart nach Berlin - Lebensstationen Hegels", p.44, currently out of print)

Membership certificate of the 'Naturforschende Gesellschaft Westphalens'
(reproduced from "Hegel: Leben-Werk-Wirkung", Stuttgart 1970, p.128, currently out of print)

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