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Here is a list of Hegelian poets and writers of the 19th century, both German and international, taken from Killy and Wilpert, the two authorative sources on history of literature in Germany:

a) German poetes and writers, mostly from Killy's Literaturlexikon, some also from Wilpert (see below):
International (non German) Writers/Poets, mentioned in Wilpert: "Lexikon der Weltliteratur":

A question remains probably what qualifies a poet / writer to be labeled Hegelian. And do we use the same mesures as with philosophers or do we apply more relaxed measures here? The measures is probably more relaxed here.

So I included in the list all those writers from the two books, where the biography (usualy 1-2 pages long only) cares to mention a Hegelian influence, either from a study of Hegelian philosophy in their youth and/or a tracable (but not necessary exclusive) influence by Hegelian thoughts in their work.

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